Loaded Vegetable Pasta Salad

Whenever I make this, usually on Friday, it lasts the whole weekend. Pasta Salad has always been one of my favorite quick dishes. I’ve always thought it was delicious. I’ve always made it with at least a minimum of 5 vegetables, but this time I got carried away and just kept adding veggies. Turned out delicious.


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Beer and Herb Pizza Dough with Super Simple Sauce

At some time in your life you have craved pizza. For me, when I crave pizza it hits hard, and I always want a variety. The first time I made pizza dough it was a mess. I think I probably even said a few words that my grandmother would have been shocked to hear from her sweet little baker. My husband and I have made homemade pizza more times now than we would like to admit to ourselves, just so we could make it easier for you. Every pizza is different, and everyone deserves to have their own.


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Inspired by Redditors, I have created this website. ¬†For my first post, I’ll post my favorite and most demanded.. Haystacks. I will try to pretty up my formatting and get used to writing for a blog as I get better at this. I also have around 70 or 80 recipes total (so far) so I will be adding recipes frequently. Don’t forget to bookmark me so you can keep updated.

For this recipe I make my own guacamole, sour cream, salsa, bean mixture, and cheese. I am awesome enough to have included all of that stuff, so you can enjoy this just as much as we do.

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