Beer Battered Tofu with Corn Puppies, Potato Salad and Simple Vegan Tartar Sauce

I haven’t posted in a while, sadly. My husband had some pretty gnarly nose surgery and I also semi- remodeled my kitchen. ¬†Hopefully the worst is over with and I can get back to my boring life. Between my husband having some intense face breaking surgery and my kitchen being torn apart, I was thrilled when I finally could just calm down and cook a ‘real’ meal again. Real meaning something not frozen. (Even though Amy’s Tofu Scramble and Enchiladas are brain melting good). During my quiet time at the doctor’s office I read a few recipes from my most neglected cook book, Vegan Brunch. I found a recipe for Beer Battered Tofu and was instantly hooked and started making plans for side dishes. It all came together to be an awesome “welcome back to life ” meal.

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Creamy Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Does anyone remember the sound that kraft mac used to make when you stirred it all around or took a bite? The squishy sound that you knew meant you were about to eat macaroni? This butternut mac is pretty much identical to the old stuff in a box that we all loved when we were 5… or 20 .. or you know, whatever. Only difference… you actually feel good eating it.¬† Continue reading →