Vanilla Nutmeg Donuts with Dark Chocolate Espresso Sprinkle

The one thing I get asked often is … ” What do vegans do about Donuts ? ”  Where I live no one gives a hoot about making any vegan friendly donuts, so I have to make them myself. Truth is, I never really ate many in the first place. I never bought them. Never worked in an office where they were readily available.. only probably ate about 12 of them my whole life.  Now, of course it would be easy to fry some up and make them taste fairly close to the “real deal ” which will always be scarred into my taste bud’s memory. But I decided to tackle the challenge in a somewhat healthier way, by baking them. If you want a more traditional method with some added calories from frying, might as well Google it, because I’m not in too big of a hurry to write a recipe up for that. I’d rather have a cupcake or a pie if I want some guilty pleasure.


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