What I’ve been up to since moving to FL

Justin and I moved to Florida a few months back and it’s been hectic but wonderful. I’ve still been cooking plenty of tasty vegan dishes, just haven’t shared the recipes lately. Inside is a little album of what I’ve been up to in the kitchen, hopefully I can get caught up soon and share a few recipes.


burrito peaches


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Lasagna with Sun- Dried Tomato Sauce

I have always failed at making lasagna. The first time I made it, it was a huge watery mess with mushy spinach. The second time, it was rock hard. I read up a little about lasagna, and found out some interesting things that I had been doing wrong. First off, I didn’t make sure to cover all of the pasta, so it was turning out super crunchy in some places on top. Second, I was using frozen spinach like many recipes suggested. Ugh. I found that fresh spinach is much better, and will leave you with a thick, lasagna like sauce instead of a watery tomato juice. Lastly, make your own sauce. Why not? You can personalize it and add a little spice if you really want. Now that lasagna and I are at peace, I’d like to share.


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