Nacho Salad Bowl

I made this on a whim, for a fresh dinner last week. I fell in love and ate the same thing the next day for lunch. Give it a try and add things that you love, there is a ton of room to play with this recipe.


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Fast and Cheap Black and Kidney Bean Soup

It has been super cold today, so naturally I wanted something to warm us up after we went for our walk. This meal is super cheap, really easy, healthy and flavorful. I made two batches of it and switched some things around on the second go. Luckily, I have pictures of both so you can decide which one looks right for you to enjoy.



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Black Bean Taco Salad with 30 Second Salsa

Today has been very dark and rainy. I was going to make some fresh veggie burgers but I felt lazy. I decided to make a taco salad with whatever I had lying around. It actually turned out seriously yummy. I made sure to scribble everything down this time. Many awesome recipes have been lost by me getting carried away and not documenting it as I go.


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Chili Smothered Baked Potato

Yesterday, I unexpectedly had to take my cat to the vet. He has cut his paw and apparently licked it raw. It got worse overnight and the quickest they could get me in was around 5pm. I was in a panic trying to get him cleaned up, giving him a bath, making sure he was comfortable, putting his crate together and making sure he wasn’t getting his paw dirty. Unfortunately, this meant I was slacking on cooking dinner. When I left at 5 pm I realized I probably would not be able to cook until much later, and was behind on laundry and cleaning the dishes. By the time I got home it was around 7 pm. I went to the pet store to get a neck cone for the poor little dude, and ended up cooking around 8:30. I had no idea what I was going to make. I had a few canned beans, some corn, a bell pepper, some potatoes and some canned tomatoes. The answer was clear… chili. The best part is that while it cooked I did some laundry, nursed my kitty and did some dishes.

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Inspired by Redditors, I have created this website. ¬†For my first post, I’ll post my favorite and most demanded.. Haystacks. I will try to pretty up my formatting and get used to writing for a blog as I get better at this. I also have around 70 or 80 recipes total (so far) so I will be adding recipes frequently. Don’t forget to bookmark me so you can keep updated.

For this recipe I make my own guacamole, sour cream, salsa, bean mixture, and cheese. I am awesome enough to have included all of that stuff, so you can enjoy this just as much as we do.

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