Yellow Coconut Kale Curry with Steamed Sesame Bok Choy

I’d say around a year ago I really got into curry. At first it was terrible, and I think I even threw a few of them away because we just couldn’t stand to eat them. I learned how to cook with ginger, and then this winner curry came along. I’d say we eat it a few times a month with a nice steamed vegetable on the side.


curry with bok choy



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Sweet and Sour Vegetables

This meal is always pretty fun. You get to see what all you have in your pantry or fridge to throw in and make a colorful splash with. Use whatever you want, the more the merrier. Also, you can pour some juice, turn on some Pearl Jam, play with your cat a little and hop on reddit while it all cooks.  Now that’s a good deal all together.

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