Mexican Style Breakfast Burrito

I used to not be a breakfast person at all. It was a sad time. Over the last year I’ve made it a point to try and eat at least a few bites of something between 8 and 9 am. Okay, sometimes 10 am. So, I bought a few frozen breakfast burritos to try out the idea of something spicy and savory for breakfast. I loved it and ended up buying a few more. Well, that got expensive quick. Naturally I decided I would get arrogant and make my own. This is what I came up with, and to me they not only taste great, but honestly.. I think they taste better. Give it a try, I included a few extra pictures to guide you in the “rolling process” and it’s actually quite fun.

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Nacho Salad Bowl

I made this on a whim, for a fresh dinner last week. I fell in love and ate the same thing the next day for lunch. Give it a try and add things that you love, there is a ton of room to play with this recipe.


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Fast and Cheap Black and Kidney Bean Soup

It has been super cold today, so naturally I wanted something to warm us up after we went for our walk. This meal is super cheap, really easy, healthy and flavorful. I made two batches of it and switched some things around on the second go. Luckily, I have pictures of both so you can decide which one looks right for you to enjoy.



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