General Tso Style Tofu with Broccoli

I don’t make this dish very often, but when I do I completely enjoy it.  For this dish, I always drain and press my tofu the night before, freeze it, bake it, and then fry it. That’s not hard at all, but it can be time consuming. It definitely has a more ” meaty ” texture and is not so mushy if you take the time to prepare it that way, though. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.


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Green Bean Casserole

” Who’s bringing the green bean casserole ? ”  is a commonly asked question around holiday gatherings in many homes. The week after Thanksgiving last year, around my first few months of going vegan, I made this casserole and thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me a little hope that there could be some delicious vegan food in my future. At first it was looking pretty grim, but almost one year later, I still love this recipe.

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Sweet and Sour Vegetables

This meal is always pretty fun. You get to see what all you have in your pantry or fridge to throw in and make a colorful splash with. Use whatever you want, the more the merrier. Also, you can pour some juice, turn on some Pearl Jam, play with your cat a little and hop on reddit while it all cooks.  Now that’s a good deal all together.

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Creamy Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Does anyone remember the sound that kraft mac used to make when you stirred it all around or took a bite? The squishy sound that you knew meant you were about to eat macaroni? This butternut mac is pretty much identical to the old stuff in a box that we all loved when we were 5… or 20 .. or you know, whatever. Only difference… you actually feel good eating it.  Continue reading →

Orange Chicken Style Tofu with Broccoli

This is a good dinner to make when you have the dreadful take out cravings that come every once in a while.. or if you just really want some orange tofu to go with some of your stray veggies that you bought and haven’t used.  That’s why this recipe stuck around,  anything goes. Broccoli, squash, cauliflower, peas, kale.. it’s endless.

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