Yellow Coconut Kale Curry with Steamed Sesame Bok Choy

I’d say around a year ago I really got into curry. At first it was terrible, and I think I even threw a few of them away because we just couldn’t stand to eat them. I learned how to cook with ginger, and then this winner curry came along. I’d say we eat it a few times a month with a nice steamed vegetable on the side.


curry with bok choy



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Fluffy Biscuit Topped Veg Pot Pie {plus related recipe}

Now that the holidays are over (I hope everyone had a good time) and things have settled down a little, I decided I wanted a simple, tasty, warm meal. Pot pie was the only logical answer, especially with a biscuit baked on top.  Happy New Year everyone and may your year be full of good [vegan] food.




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Holiday Shepherd’s Pie

I have made a total of around 5 or 6 different Shepherd’s Pie recipes over the last year. This is the first one where I actually said ” Wow, this is the one. ”  So here you go. I was able to make 3 individual pot pies, and an 11 x 8 ” sized pie I believe. They came out gorgeous, so I will probably make more next week, honestly.



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