Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Brown Rice with Raisins and Almonds

Like I have mentioned before, I get so sick of oatmeal. Even though I recently discovered an awesome and flavorful brand, I still get bored with it. I figured I would try and brew up some brown rice in my crock pot with a random apple I had lying around. It came together to form a super soft, fluffy satisfying breakfast dish. You can add anything else you’d like, too. I plan on adding some pecans and bananas next time. This brown rice is super nutritious, and it keeps you completely full until lunch time rolls around. I apologize for forgetting to take a picture, so you’ll just have to look at my cat’s instead :


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Fast and Cheap Black and Kidney Bean Soup

It has been super cold today, so naturally I wanted something to warm us up after we went for our walk. This meal is super cheap, really easy, healthy and flavorful. I made two batches of it and switched some things around on the second go. Luckily, I have pictures of both so you can decide which one looks right for you to enjoy.



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Quinoa Stuffed Poblano or Bell Peppers

I had never tried poblano peppers before I made this. Isn’t that nuts? I don’t like messing with peppers very often, do to the simple fact that you can easily burn the hell out of yourself if you get the juice or seeds under your nails and on your hands. I am always very cautious with this, and please do yourself a favor and be very aware. The result is delicious and fresh tasting whether you choose to use bell peppers or poblano.

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