Small Surprise Summer Sliders (with other summer meal ideas inside)

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks and haven’t really just had time to sit and think up anything spectacular in the food category. I’ve been getting by with stir fry, tofu and rice, oatmeal, grilled veggie tortilla wraps and a few salads, mainly fast and simple things. Last week I decided to make it fun and tasty. I mixed together a few things and pulled out pretty much every condiment and topping we had to create some super simple, delicious and surprising little burgers. We both enjoyed them with some sweet potato fries and talked about the flavor combination we ended up getting. I suppose you could make them all the same, but it was fun having all the different colors and flavors on each slider.

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Fast and Cheap Black and Kidney Bean Soup

It has been super cold today, so naturally I wanted something to warm us up after we went for our walk. This meal is super cheap, really easy, healthy and flavorful. I made two batches of it and switched some things around on the second go. Luckily, I have pictures of both so you can decide which one looks right for you to enjoy.



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Daiya Stuffed Black Bean Big Mac with Homemade Special Sauce

Okay, so I pretty much blew my own mind with this one. I was brain storming the other day thinking about how my cheese always slides off of my burger. I thought about it and a spark happened in my noggin noodle. Put the cheese inside the patty. It will be delicious, surprising and it will keep my burger from sliding around. I then learned it’s already been done with beef patties.. so I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was. Still an awesome idea, though. It worked just like I had dreamed.


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