Sweet and Sour Vegetables

This meal is always pretty fun. You get to see what all you have in your pantry or fridge to throw in and make a colorful splash with. Use whatever you want, the more the merrier. Also, you can pour some juice, turn on some Pearl Jam, play with your cat a little and hop on reddit while it all cooks.  Now that’s a good deal all together.

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Vegetable Jambalaya

Those of you who have a busy weekend ahead, or just do not feel like cooking a lot this week, this is your new hero. This jambalaya is simple, and makes a ton of food. You can also add in absolutely anything you want (even those vegetables you forgot about, or that meat substitute that has been lingering in your freezer.)


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Inspired by Redditors, I have created this website.  For my first post, I’ll post my favorite and most demanded.. Haystacks. I will try to pretty up my formatting and get used to writing for a blog as I get better at this. I also have around 70 or 80 recipes total (so far) so I will be adding recipes frequently. Don’t forget to bookmark me so you can keep updated.

For this recipe I make my own guacamole, sour cream, salsa, bean mixture, and cheese. I am awesome enough to have included all of that stuff, so you can enjoy this just as much as we do.

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