Halloween Party Caramel Popcorn

Today, I woke up later than usual, cleaned my neglected kitchen and ate some leftover broccoli soup. By the time I looked up it was 2 pm. Whoa. I had literally dreamt about making caramel popcorn for a few hours at that point. Originally, about 2 weeks ago my brother mentioned popcorn balls and I decided I wanted to make a few. Then it turned into beer orange peel caramel popcorn balls.. and then just caramel popcorn with maybe some chocolate chips? Pecans? BOTH?! So at around 3 pm I got to work on some caramel popcorn. That’s when things went terribly wrong, but in the end I came out with a beautiful and perfect result after the heartbreak of having a terrible batch that was supposed to be awesome. Oh, and my washing machine broke.


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