Chili Burritos with Quick Almond and Cashew Cheese Sauce {Taco Bell style}

Back for my first post in nearly 2 years I figured I would share this delicious and quick burrito recipe. I love this recipe because it’s quick, tasty and relatively cheap. It makes a ton of chili that can be used later on baked potatoes, to make enchiladas, serve it with corn chips or cornbread .. it’s endless, this recipe can go a long way. The cheese sauce is nice and cheesy tasting and with a high powered blender you can have it done in minutes. Let’s get started ..

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Cowboy Cookie Sandwiches with Mocha Buttercream Filling

Sometimes you just need a cookie. Sometimes you need two cookies with mocha chocolate cream in the middle, and I happen to have a recipe for that. This buttercream recipe seems to hold up in room temp ( Even in FLORIDA! ), so no need to cool these in the fridge as far as I can see. Not sure about holding up at a summer picnic for 5 hours in full sun, but hey, it’s a vegan victory to survive the kitchen counter without melting.


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Yellow Coconut Kale Curry with Steamed Sesame Bok Choy

I’d say around a year ago I really got into curry. At first it was terrible, and I think I even threw a few of them away because we just couldn’t stand to eat them. I learned how to cook with ginger, and then this winner curry came along. I’d say we eat it a few times a month with a nice steamed vegetable on the side.


curry with bok choy



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What I’ve been up to since moving to FL

Justin and I moved to Florida a few months back and it’s been hectic but wonderful. I’ve still been cooking plenty of tasty vegan dishes, just haven’t shared the recipes lately. Inside is a little album of what I’ve been up to in the kitchen, hopefully I can get caught up soon and share a few recipes.


burrito peaches


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