Chili Burritos with Quick Almond and Cashew Cheese Sauce {Taco Bell style}

Back for my first post in nearly 2 years I figured I would share this delicious and quick burrito recipe. I love this recipe because it’s quick, tasty and relatively cheap. It makes a ton of chili that can be used later on baked potatoes, to make enchiladas, serve it with corn chips or cornbread .. it’s endless, this recipe can go a long way. The cheese sauce is nice and cheesy tasting and with a high powered blender you can have it done in minutes. Let’s get started ..

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Cowboy Cookie Sandwiches with Mocha Buttercream Filling

Sometimes you just need a cookie. Sometimes you need two cookies with mocha chocolate cream in the middle, and I happen to have a recipe for that. This buttercream recipe seems to hold up in room temp ( Even in FLORIDA! ), so no need to cool these in the fridge as far as I can see. Not sure about holding up at a summer picnic for 5 hours in full sun, but hey, it’s a vegan victory to survive the kitchen counter without melting.


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Yellow Coconut Kale Curry with Steamed Sesame Bok Choy

I’d say around a year ago I really got into curry. At first it was terrible, and I think I even threw a few of them away because we just couldn’t stand to eat them. I learned how to cook with ginger, and then this winner curry came along. I’d say we eat it a few times a month with a nice steamed vegetable on the side.


curry with bok choy



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What I’ve been up to since moving to FL

Justin and I moved to Florida a few months back and it’s been hectic but wonderful. I’ve still been cooking plenty of tasty vegan dishes, just haven’t shared the recipes lately. Inside is a little album of what I’ve been up to in the kitchen, hopefully I can get caught up soon and share a few recipes.


burrito peaches


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Fast and Tasty Teriyaki “Meat” Balls

I absolutely love these little “meat” balls. They’re really simple, versatile and always tasty. For one, you can make them any flavor you want by simply switching the sauce you pour on them. You can eat them over rice, in a wrap, a pita pouch or over noodles. You could even make a sub sandwich with them if you wanted. I make a double batch sometimes and freeze them for a quick meal later on. They’re really cheap to make and you can add whatever you like to the mix to give it your own flavor. Hope you enjoy ~



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The Perfect Crock Pot Lasagna

I’ve always had my dreams about crock pot lasagna. In the oven it seemed like I would always have problems. The noodles would be mushy towards the middle, overcooked, where the outside noodles would be so stiff that they would curl upwards and you had to trash them. There were always a couple of things stopping me from the crock pot method, though.  A) finding a decent meat substitute that I truthfully enjoyed and B) the notorious watery mess on the bottom of the dish, and how I could get rid of it. Well, tremendous things happened recently. I found an awesome substitute that tastes completely legit and actually felt confident that it wouldn’t ruin the whole dish with an ‘off ‘ flavor that sometimes happens with artificial beef. While also I thought up a way to balance the ingredients so the bottom wouldn’t get flooded. Luckily, it all worked out and was the best lasagna I have ever had. I’ll never make it in the oven again. Enjoy ~


crock pot lasagna

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