I’m Jessica, a 26 year old vegan chef living in central Florida with my handsome husband, Justin, and our two kitties. When I’m not eating my usual vegan meals of beans and rice, black bean burgers, burritos, stir fries and all that good stuff ..  I’m working on homestyle recipes to share right here at homevegan.com. I post a recipe here only after I have cooked it more than once and consider it a menu item on my weekly meal plans. Enjoy ~ Feel free to check out my portfolio at the bottom of my home page and send me a message at : jesshomevegan@gmail.com  if you have questions on prep from the food you see and I will get back to you. Now that life has gotten busier for me I do not update this site as often as I wish I could, but check my email often and also update my food portfolio regularly as my styles and ideas change, that can be found here https://imgur.com/a/7fPZ3  ~Much love ~



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