BBQ Seitan Sliders



For this recipe, I made my own seitan pot roast, similar to this recipe found here :


I figured I would link to a recipe with pictures, considering making your own seitan can be a challenge. A good outcome is worth a challenge sometimes, though. It will always be easier after you make it one time and get the general confusion out of the way.


Once I made the seitan ball, I threw in some potatoes, carrots and onion along with it into my slow cooker with some water and vegetable broth. It was done in a couple of hours, and it floated to the top when it was fully cooked.

After it was done, I took it out, cut it into strips like this :

Then, I let it drain a little before I cut it into really thin, confetti like strips.

Lastly, I cooked it on the stove with some BBQ sauce and onions, then put it on my slider buns.

I used the potatoes to make mashed potatoes, and the carrots as a side dish. I also made some little mac shells to go along.


The meal turned out totally awesome and I hope to make it again soon.





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